Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor

Tottenham's Emmanuel Adebayor likens Harry Redknapp to Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho and the striker who spent a short period working under the Portuguese coach last season, hailed his new manager due to his approach with players.

Emmanuel Adebayor has hailed Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp as ‘special’ and likened him to Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho to he arrived at White Hart Lane on loan from Manchester City after spending six months under Mourinho’s command at the Bernabeu for the second half of last season for the striker has compared Redknapp's man-management skills to Mourinho's and has conceded the Real Madrid boss still tracks his progress.

Speaking to Hotspur magazine, the former Arsenal man said: "Harry Redknapp is a top manager “I would put him closer to Mourinho because of the way he treats players and he gives you full confidence to he  knows how to talk to players and that makes him special as well to  have huge respect for Mourinho of a learned a lot at Real Madridto even after my goal at Wolves I woke up the next morning and had a message from him to that is what he is like and it is appreciated.

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