Massa doesn't feel front wing

Felipe Massa says that he doesn't notice when his front wing is vibrating after it was again sparking on the ground at high speed during practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Ferrari's new front wing was a big talking point in India as the endplates were seen bouncing off the track surface as it fluttered on Massa's car at high speed. In Abu Dhabi the problem appeared to have been resolved as the same issue wasn't evident in FP1, but it returned in the second session creating a large amount of sparks. Ferrari had prepared the front wing by placing metal skids underneath the endplates, and Massa said it is not something he notices.
"The vibrating front wing? Honestly, while I'm driving I am not aware of anything," Massa said. "The car always behaves the same way without any problems."
Technical director Pat Fry admitted it was an area Ferrari was focusing on, and that "improving the quality of components" was part of its plan.
"At the moment, we are paying particular attention to the new front wing and its influence on the handling of the car," Fry said. "Clearly, this is no easy task, requiring continuous work in every area, from research into its performance to improving the quality of the components."
Looking at the day as a whole Massa said that the sessions were encouraging, but said that he wasn't getting ahead of himself having yet to finish a race in higher than fifth place.
"They were two good sessions for me, but that does not mean much in terms of qualifying. Two weeks ago in India, I was fastest on Friday afternoon and then things went the way they did. Having said that, I am reasonably happy with how the last two races panned out in terms of speed and pace.
"Obviously, I can't say the same about the final results, because something always happened to me in the races: let's hope it will be different this time. I am sure it will: the important thing is to continue doing a good job, always being quick and then things will sort themselves out."


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