'If F1 still wants Ferrari it must change' - Montezemolo

Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo has warned that "if Formula One still wants Ferrari it must change".
Ferrari has endured a frustrating season, having the third fastest car at most grands prix this year behind Red Bull and McLaren and securing only one race victory. Having been a part of the Formula One World Championship since its inaugural season in 1950, the Ferrari name is hugely important to the sport, but Montezemolo said on the official Ferrari website that it will only continue racing if changes to the rules are made, saying the current dependency on aerodynamics does not translate well to the company's road car section.
"Formula 1 is still our life, but without Ferrari there is no Formula 1, just as without Formula 1 Ferrari would be different," Montezemolo said. "We can be very patient but there are precise conditions for us to continue with our work. We race not just for the publicity it brings us but above all to carry out advanced research aimed at all aspects of our road cars: engine, chassis, mechanical components, electronics, materials and aerodynamics, to such an extent that the technology transfer from track to road has grown exponentially over the past twenty years.
"What is not so good is that 90% of performance is now based exclusively on aerodynamics and another negative is that ours is the only sport where no testing is allowed. We are building cars, not helicopters, rockets or planes. Sure, we must not go back to the excesses of a few years ago, but neither should we be in a position where we can't provide opportunities for the youngsters we are bringing on in the Ferrari Driver Academy."
Montezemolo also reiterated his desire to be able to supply customer cars to other teams, following clarification of what technology teams can and can't give to others at the F1 Commission meeting this week
"Finally, there's the issue of the third car, which mark my words, we support not so much for our own interests but more for those of the sport in general. We believe the interest of the fans, media and sponsors could increase if there is a bigger number of competitive cars on track rather than cars that are two or three seconds off the pace, being lapped after just a few laps. As an example, remember in 1961 Giancarlo Baghetti won the French Grand Prix at Reims with a privately entered Ferrari: there you are, it would be nice one day in the future to see one of our cars running in American colours, or Chinese, or maybe those of Abu Dhabi."
Montezemolo concluded with the threat that Ferrari could leave the sport if changes are not made.
"We will support our views as we see fit, in the best way possible, but let's be clear, for those who agree, that is fine, but otherwise they will just have to accept it is our position. If Formula 1 still wants Ferrari it must change and go back to being at the cutting edge of research, while always keeping an eye on costs. We are not in Formula 1 as sponsors, we are constructors."


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