Best Of The Best Football Club In The World

Football is the most popular sport on earth. Almost in all corners of the earth, this sport is played by human beings. Today football has become a global mega-industry. Appearance of the best clubs in the world, capable of siphoning millions of viewers. Here is a list of five best football club in the world:


Who does not know this Catalan club. Today they are regarded as the best club in the world. It is not just based off of nicks title they won in recent years, but also induced super beautiful game that they always act out when playing. Their best achievements are won six trophies in a year, something that has not been obtained by other clubs in the world.

2.Real Madrid

European Champion title holder 9 is one of the best clubs in the world. His ambition to stop the dominance of their main rivals, Barcelona, ​​Madrid re-rolling the project makes "Galacticos" by buying the best players in the world. Not only that, the owner of the La Liga title is also contracted most of the world's best coach, Jose Mourinho to realize their ambitions.

3. Manchester United

Holding the trophy ever Premier League title with Liverpool, Manchester city club is king of the British League in the last 20 years. Under the control of Sir Alex Ferguson, nicknamed the Red Devils team that is very consistent competed in local and European level. This year the possibility of Manchester United will overtake Liverpool's achievement in holding the Premier League trophy.

4.AC Milan

Holders of the Champions League title after Real Madrid's second largest. Currently Milan are on the very top of the Serie A. The transition from position coach to Alegri Leonardo as well as several large transfers to make Milan a chance to displace the dominance of Inter Milan in the last 5 years.

5. Juventus

Although not in the best condition at this time, the club is nicknamed The Mistress Big League is the best club in Italy. Case bribery scandal known as calciopolli forcing Juventus relegated for the first time to serie B. Today, the pride of the city of Turin club is struggling back to the ranks of elite European clubs.

That review of the list Best Of The Best Football Club In The World 2011 , it's just an opinion you also may have a different opinion, any important difference is that we remain the same and one heart, now you may be interested to listen to this Top 10 Best Football Defender In The World  . Thanks Good Luck! :)

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