Baseball Stadiums Most Luxurious In The USA

For the people of America, baseball is not just a spectator or just leisure activities in his spare time. Baseball is a true love America.

Activities throwing, catching, and hitting the ball in a baseball game could happen anywhere, from school field with a sad sight to the stage of luxury with a touch of sweetness millions of dollars.

Of the approximately 140 existing baseball stadium in America, this is the third best stadium will probably make you fall in love with the spectacle of the evening's most favorite in America.

Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)

Philadelphia Phillies professional baseball team is the pride of Philadelphia. They formed in 1883 and until now has never changed its name. Now the name of the Philadelphia Phillies can not just hold the record for the longest name in the history of American professional sports, but also has become a franchise for the city of Philadelphia. When they travel to Philadelphia, visit the stadium Citizens Bank Park, a mansion built for the Phillies in 2004. When dusk arrives and cheers echoed the match starts, make sure you have the best position to enjoy the action of the Phillies by sitting in rows A through G behind home plate, at the Diamond Club. To enhance the experience of your evening, enjoy a culinary tour also at Citizens Bank Park with eating a hoagie (submarine sandwich typical of Philadelphia), barbecue turkey thighs, cheesesteaks, and sandwich The Schmitter exceptional phenomenal for the citizens of Philadelphia.

AT & T Park (San Francisco Giants)

There are no bad seats at baseball stadiums with views of the bay and the sunset is. Cage for the San Francisco Giants team was originally named Pacific Bell Park, then turned into SBC Park and finally now become AT & T Park after officially baptized on March 3, 2006. In addition to functioning as baseball's most happening venues in San Francisco, AT & T Park stadium is also used as a concert stage renowned artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Interpol and The Cure. Digital versions of this stadium is used as a gig venue in Guitar Hero World Tour and of course a place to audition for American Idol. While enjoying the panorama of AT & T Park and the San Francisco Giants in action, do not forget to enjoy a special snack at this place: Giants dogs, Gilroy garlic fries, and grilled crab salad sandwiches.

Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners)

Completed in 1999 with funding of up to $ 517 million, Safeco Field stadium offers a beautiful view of Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, downtown Seattle and Space Needle. At the time the weather was warm and the sky looks bright, its roof made of a combination of the three panels will be opened to present the views of the perfect evening. In order to support you against the Seattle Mariners to be more tasteless, do not forget to bring Ivar's fish and chips, bento boxes, vegetarian burritos, and chocolate covered strawberries snack before seeing the game the Mariners.

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