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First it's Ex-Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, who is getting his own game. Then right after that we reported on Manny Pacquiao getting his own game where he'll be handing out street justice, possibly as good as Chuck Norris once did. Now Cristiano Ronaldo is getting his own game too, called Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle, from the same developer as the Jose Mourinho's game Mourinho Special One.

For those of you who follow Soccer (or Football depending on where you're from) then you probably already know who Ronaldo is. For anyone who doesn't follow the sport, he happens to be one of the more, if not one of the most, skilled players in the game today. Instead of Ronaldo's game being a game where he's actually playing soccer, it's more of a rhythm game where you'll be responding to on-screen commands. In doing this, he will be bouncing the ball around and doing little trick moves to the music that is play.


  • Choose from 5 gameplay modes including:
    • Hype Endurance: Perform hype tricks whilst juggling the ball to get the crowd's attention as quickly as possible
    • Time Attack: Get as many points as possible in the duration of the whole song
    • Freestyle Battle: Compete against an opponent for the camera's attention
    • Don't Drop the Ball: How long can you last without dropping the ball?
    • Freestyle Showdown: 15 seconds competition to prove that your better than your opponent
  • Earn achievements and unlock new items to fully customize your Cristiano Ronaldo character including shorts, T-shirts, shoes, sunglasses and even hairstyles
  • Shuffle Mode launches a level at random. Want a different level? Just reshuffle again to find one you like
  • Play soccer samba-style: make Cristiano Ronaldo move and dance to the beat while controlling the ball
  • 25 challenges in 6 unique world locations. Battle opponents with their own personality and style from England, France, USA, Japan, Spain and Portugal
  • Downloadable content, including two extra countries


Phandroid described it best by calling it "Dance Dance Football" as essentially that is what the game will be. This is being developed by Biodroid, the same company responsible for Mourinho's upcoming game this December. Ronaldo's game is already out on iOS and it'll be landing on the Android Market December 22nd for $2.99. It'll be more of a quick time killer type of game when you have a few minute here and there more than anything else but keep in mind that, like most DDR type of games, they can be addicting.

Not too sure about the music in this one though...

Website Referenced: Phandroid

Developer Website: Biodroid

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30 Nov, 2011

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