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The special Armour of Cristiano Ronaldo – La Liga News

Real Madrid's thumping 4-1 victory over Atletico Madrid saw Galacticos signings getting rough treatment from their rivals. The tough physical battle at Santiago Bernabéu saw a plethora of challenges as the professional footballers armour was used to good effect.

Cristiano Ronaldo received the brunt of physical attention and had his customized protective gearing not worked to perfection; the record transfer player would have been sidelined for a long time.

The Portuguese star had to receive attention on his shin after the heated encounter and his coach, Jose Mourinho was not happy with the incidents on the pitch.

Luis Amaranto Perea roughed up the former Manchester United player throughout the match which eventually led the show stopping wing wizard to limp off the pitch.

Following the match, Jose Mourinho stated that he was happy that Ronaldo has special shin guards to service him else it would have been a catastrophe.

"Luckily we had carbon fibre shin pads that work really well," Mourinho sarcastically remarked after the match.

The armour of Ronaldo is lighter than the common material, weighing about 80 grams each, and are more resistant to shocks than before. His customized apparel is made up of carbon fibre, the strongest material available in the market.

These shin pads also have a double layer of foam that disperses impact shock. The anatomical design of the accessories makes them more comfortable than before. This allows it to adapt perfectly to the contour of the leg and its seamless sleeve ensures breathability.

However, the customized apparel is expensive and costs a lot more than those available in the market. While the regular shin pads used by professionals can range up to 90 Euros, the accessory Ronaldo uses comes at a steep price of 600 Euros.

The excessive price is because they are specially made for a handful of clients. Players have moulds made according to their liking which results in shin guards fitting like gloves on the leg.

Following the match, Real Madrid have complained about the excessive physicality of Atletico Madrid players. Jose Mourinho criticised Los Rojiblancos game plan, which in his eyes was to maim his players on the field.

The Portuguese tactician did not appreciate the strong arm tactics of his rivals and let his opinions known in his post match interview.

"My men didn't want to play an ugly or rough game. We wanted to win. We played to win and won, despite a little bruising."

"We did our job. We played with discipline and only received one yellow card in the entire 90 minutes. We remained calm, concentrated and didn't react to anything."

29 Nov, 2011

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