Milan Vs Barcelona Draw 0-0 , Munchen Vs Marseille 2-0

Sport news 2012 - AC Milan and Barcelona have to settle for a goalless draw in the first leg Champions League quarter-final which took place at San Siro Stadium on Thursday (29/3). In other matches, Bayern Munich's 2-0 win over host Marseille.

For Milan, a draw was a little hurt them. Because the next week at home to Milan to play Barcelona.

Playing in front of his own supporters, Milan can not afford to develop the best games. In contrast with Barcelona.

Playing at home against Barcelona can dominate the game. Since the early minutes, Pep Guardiola was immediately apply pressure to the Milan defense.

After just nine minutes, Milan goalkeeper Cristian Abbiati was escorted almost conceded. However, Lionel Messi kicks the ball gag that failed to arrest Abbiati, Dani Alves could not be completed for a goal.

Barcelona Vs Ac Milan

Barcelona is actually worthy of a penalty awarded when Alexis Sanchez was dropped in the box Abbiati in the 16th minute but referee Jonas Eriksson of Sweden did not see it as an offense.

Milan itself is not without its opportunities. The 20th minute, Milan had a golden opportunity through Zlatan Ibrahimovich. But the dexterity of Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes making opportunities inin failed to bear fruit.

In the second half, Barcelona did not reduce the pressure and continue to look to attack. However, efforts are made Xavi Hernandez and his friends did not produce any goals. Milan itself more to survive and only the occasional counterattack.

Despite failing to win, odds go to Barcelona for the last four is still wide open. Because, next week's Barcelona will host the second game.

Marseille VS Munchen

Meanwhile, Munich victory over Marseille at Stade Velodrome, performances can not be separated from Arjen Robben. The Dutch midfielder fascinating look by scoring one goal and one goal instrumental in the creation of another Munich.

The 44th minute, Robben scored the resulting inspiration Mario Gomez. Mature feedback former Chelsea and Real Madrid are well resolved Gomez to change the score to 1-0.

The 69th minute, Robben gilirang own goalkeeper host. Robben left-foot kick from a narrow angle can not be driven Marseille goalkeeper and change the score to 2-0.

This victory makes the chances of qualifying for the semi-finals of Munich open very wide. Because, Munich will host the second game which will take place next week. If losing 0-1, Munich will qualify for an away goal advantage.

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