Barcelona Ask a complaint to UEFA about the San Siro

Barcelona has filed a complaint to UEFA about the state of the field when the game AC Milan's first leg Champions League quarter-final.

Grass at the San Siro looks easily peeled off when the game early days ago, and coach Pep Guardiola statues devote his disappointment about the field conditions that have held the game his team is in the ball.

"Milan should be assessed. We play where we were told to play, but I could not figure out Inter and Milan wanted a field with conditions such as in, "said Guardiola.

"This is bad for the spectacle, but to be champions we must be able to pass all the challenges. We have done this many times, even though people say otherwise. "
Barca let go of his irritation with the lobbying UEFA about the field conditions.

"FC Barcelona has filed a complaint to UEFA about the field conditions Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) at the time of the Champions League," the club said on its official website.

Catalan is not the first team to complain about the field conditions Milan, Arsene Wenger was furious after Arsenal were defeated 4-0 by the Rossoneri in the last 16 months ago.

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