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Sport News 2012 , London Olympyc Games 2012 - Summer Olympics, formally called the Games of the XXX Olympiad, or "London 2012", will be held in London, England, United Kingdom from July 27 until August 12, 2012.

London will become the first city to officially hold a modern Olympic Games three times, once in 1908 and 1948.

London was chosen as host city on July 6, 2005 at the 117th IOC meeting in Singapore, defeating Moscow, New York City, Madrid, and Paris after four rounds of voting . Voting London is led by former Olympic champion Sebastian Coe.

This encourages the implementation of the Olympic redevelopment of some areas of London venue for the match with the theme of environmental sustainability.

Although budgetary considerations reap a number of criticisms, the Olympics will leverage gym that was built before the draw, including Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena, Wimbledon All England Club, Lord's Cricket Ground, The O2 Arena, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy , and the Excel Centre.

After the nomination deadline on July 15, 2003, nine cities have been running for the Olympic Games in 2012. These cities were Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, New York City, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro.

On May 18, 2004, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as a result of the technical assessment, reducing the number of candidate cities to five: London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, and Paris.

On 19 November 2004, the five candidate cities have submitted their candidature file to the International Olympic Committee. IOC evaluation team visited the five candidate cities in February and March 2005.

The nomination of Paris have two barriers during the IOC inspection visit: a series of riots and demonstrations coinciding with the visit of the IOC and the reports that Guy Drut, a member of the Paris bid team and an important member of the IOC, will be tried on charges of financial corruption of political parties.

On June 6, 2005, the International Olympic Committee released a report on the assessment of the five candidate cities. Although the report does not contain any scores or rankings, ratings report for Paris was considered the most positive, followed by London, which narrowed the gap at the initial assessment in 2004 of Paris. New York and Madrid also received a very positive evaluation reports.

Throughout the meeting to vote on the IOC-117, Paris is expected to win this nomination, mainly because his candidacy is the third in modern Olympic history. Initially, London seemed left over from Paris with a reasonable margin; however, this difference has significantly thinned after the appointment of Sebastian Coe as new head of the London 2012 on May 19, 2004, reports emerged that predicts that London and Paris series on the nomination in 2012.

The process of drawing

 In the last round of the 117th IOC meeting, London and Paris seemed vying with each other to collect votes. On July 1, 2005, Jacques Rogge, when asked about who the winners, said to the press: "I can not predict it because I do not know how to pick up members of the IOC vote. However I feel the sound will be very thin. It may be said difference of ten votes, or less ".

On July 6, 2005, the final selection was announced at the Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore, venue for the 117th IOC meeting. Prime Minister Tony Blair's Britain is the only leader of the five candidate cities state that personal lobbying (he is also the only top official who attended the Olympic Games 2004).

Moscow was the first city that was dropped, followed by New York and Madrid. The last two cities are London and Paris left. At the end of the fourth round of voting, London won the right implementation of the 2012 Olympic Games with 54 votes, defeating Paris by 50 votes.

French newspapers blamed the Paris loss on French President Jacques Chirac's statements before the vote that "We can not trust people [Britain] is bad food. After Finland, the country's worst food."

Two members of the International Olympic Committee today comes from Finland. Several other news sources cited Bertrand Delanoë complaints about late-night secret meeting between Tony Blair with a number of IOC representatives (from Africa) because it has a strong influence on the final vote.

When reporting London's win, British media covered the atmosphere of the crowd in France and Britain (and the other candidate cities), and compared the reaction of excited in London by the reaction of the crowd in Paris that the French hoped to win.

Unfortunately, the celebration did not last long in London when the London transport system was attacked by terrorists less than 24 hours after the announcement.

In December 2005, Alex Gilady, a senior IOC official, accusing London won the right to the Olympics because of an error voting. A London 2012 spokesman denied this, saying, "In the end, the ballot box is still a secret. It is the opinion of one person. The result is more important and we do not want to engage in such speculation.

Development and preparation

London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games was formed to oversee the Olympics after winning the draw and held its firstboard meeting on October 3, 2005.

Committee chaired by Lord Coe is tasked to implement and host the Olympics, while the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) isresponsible for building the arena and the infrastructure needed InApril 2006, the board of the Olympic Delivery Authority was formed.

Government Olympic Executive (GOE), a unit within the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the leader of the governmentagency coordinating the London 2012 Olympics. GOE reportsthrough the DCMS Permanent Secretary to the Minister of Sports and Olympics.

GOE alannya oversees the Olympics, cross-program and programmanagement Heritage London 2012 Olympics before and after theoperation that will benefit London and the United Kingdom. The organization also oversees public sector funding worth £ 9.3 billion.

On August 2011, a number of security issues are sticking out of the Olympics in London, England due to the riots of 2011, with severalcountries have expressed concern over the safety of the Olympics,although the International Olympic Committee to ensure thatviolence will not affect the course of the Olympics.

IOC Coordination Commission for the 2012 Olympics completedtheir ninth visit to London in October 2011. They concluded thatLondon has made remarkable progress and the 2012 Olympics willgenerate a lasting legacy. This commission will make his last visit toLondon in March 2012.London was awarded the 2017 WorldChampionships in Athletics in November 2011.

Sports arena and infrastructure

2012 Pre-Olympic and Olympic arena will utilize a variety of new, or existing facilities that already exist, and temporary facilities, some of which are located in famous venues such as Hyde Park and Horse Guards Parade. Some new facilities will be reused in the form of Olympic, while the remainder will be enlarged or relocated.

Most of the arena was divided into three zones in Greater London: the Olympic Zone, the River Zone and Central Zone. In addition, there is also a rink outside Greater London boundary, such as the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy on the Isle of Portland in Dorset which became the venue for sailing, about 125 miles (200 km) south-west of Olympic Park. Football tournament to be held in several fields in the whole of Britain.

Park construction began in December 2006 when the sports hall at Eton Manor in Portland diruntuhkan.Wisma athlete was completed in September 2011.

In November 2004, the plan area of ​​500 acre Olympic Park was launched. This site plan was passed in September 2004 by the Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

Redevelopment of this area to build the Olympic Park requires a compulsory purchase order property. London Development Agency and London and Continental Railways has a dispute over this command in November 2005.

LCR accused the LDA lethal development in the region. LDA plans to buy land for development projects with the Stratford City Olympic Park, which will change the Stratford Rail Lands land area of ​​180 acres into a mixed development includes 4500 new homes, offices, hotels and shops.

The plan was completed in 2011 with the completion of construction of the largest urban shopping center in Europe, operated Westfield.Pada May 2006, 86% of land has been purchased, while the businessman against his expulsion. It is pushing for an examination. 206 companies are obliged to move in July 2007.

In addition, people who refuse eviction find a way to stop it by creating a campaign. Unfortunately, they had to leave because the land had been purchased 94% and 6% were purchased when the project is worth £ 9 billion regeneration begins.

However, there are a number of problems at the beginning of a race due to untested or failed financially. For example, road racing was originally scheduled to be held in Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath, but moved to the beginning and end of the line in The Mall in Central London and Surrey in the south route to and around Box Hill.

Olympic Mountain Bike race will be held at Hadleigh Farm, moved from the Weald Country Park, after the UCI track in the park was declared "too easy" in July 2008 [45] comes the news that the bike path will be constructed at locations in Kent also Wales.Sebuah could be considered.

Trajectory of the Olympic marathon, which is scheduled to finish in the Olympic stadium, was moved to the mall. This idea was criticized by a number of local community members who stated that they were excluded from the Olympics, even though the event was held in the courtyard

london Olympyc Games 2012

Behind them, there is no event to be held in their borough. The change was made because if the Tower Bridge is closed, there will be a traffic jam in London.North Greenwich Arena 2 canceled the cost-cutting operation, and Wembley Arena is used for badminton and rhythmic gymnastics.

This time the Olympics will hold a 26 sports that break down into 39 disciplines are:

# Archery
# Athletics Athletics
# Badminton Badminton
# Basketball Basketball
# Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball
# Boxing Boxing
# Canoe Slalom Canoe Slalom
# Sprint Sprint Canoe Canoe
# Cycling - BMX Cycling
# Cycling - Mountain Cycling
# Cycling - road Cycling
# Cycling - Bicycle the trajectory
# Diving - Diving
# Equestrian - Equestrian - Dressage
# Equestrian - Equestrian - Eventing
# Equestrian - Equestrian - Jumping
# Fencing
# Football
# Gymnastics
# Gymnastics
# Gymnastics
# Handball
# Hockey
# Judo
# Modern Pentathlon
# Rowing
# Sailing
# Shooting
# Swimming
# Synchronized Swimming
# Table Tennis
# Taekwondo
# Tennis
# Triathlon
# Volleyball
# Water Polo
# Weightlifting
# Wrestling

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