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Not as simple as turning the palm of the hand for Valentino Rossi to 'tune' with the bike, the Desmosedici GP12. With many modifications and new settings, Rossi still have hope that Ducati will be more sound than a full season of failure.

GP12 which has now been revised 'here and there', is felt not enough to be reliable, The Doctor now. A number of test results is enough to talk about how it performs.

But with the relentless efforts, VR46 has not stopped dreaming for the first time world champion with Ducati riding. As described above, the VR46 still need time to continue to familiarize themselves with the GP12 before plunging into the series premiere.

"There have been many changes made. We started working on this bike since following the test sessions. Our engineering chief, Filippo (Preziosi) have the same belief with me for the efforts so far, "said VR46, as excerpted Eurosport, Wednesday (03/21/2012).

"Compared with the first model year, this bike has a lot of changes. I think we just need more time to make it more intimate and familiar with this bike, especially riding I now have a new concept, "added the seven-times world champion.

While co-Rossi at Ducati - Nicky Hayden argues, GP12 has great potential. After a much improved setting, especially after switching to a 1000cc engine, Hayden feels Ducati has done a step forward. Especially after replacing chassis.

"It seems we have a lot of progress in some areas. Surely that must be coupled with a 200cc engine and new chassis, we have better. This chassis is enough 'tuned' and easier to adjust, "The Kentucky Kid lid.

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