U-16 Nationals - Final Phase: The Results

The 34th edition of the Sub-Junior Under-16 National Football Championship for the Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy ended yesterday with the final which Assam won 2-0 against Chandigarh. For the Northeastern state it was their first title since 1981, when they had jointly won with Kerala. Now it was the fourth title for Assam.

The Coca Cola sponsored Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy saw more then 40,000 children participate in the district, then state and zonal levels with the best 10 Under-16 state teams playing in the final round in Goa.


Group A
Goa, Karnataka, Meghalya, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh

08-Mar-2012: Meghalaya 2-4 Karnataka
08-Mar-2012: Goa 1-0 Orissa
10-Mar-2012: Uttar Pradesh 3-3 Karnataka
10-Mar-2012: Orissa 1-0 Meghalaya
12-Mar-2012: Uttar Pradesh 1-0 Goa
12-Mar-2012: Karnataka 0-5 Orissa
14-Mar-2012: Uttar Pradesh 2-1 Meghalaya
14-Mar-2012: Karnataka 1-5 Goa
16-Mar-2012: Orissa 2-1 Uttar Pradesh
16-Mar-2012: Goa 0-1 Meghalaya

Group B
Assam, Chandigarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

09-Mar-2012: Tamil Nadu 0-1 Madhya Pradesh
09-Mar-2012: Jharkhand 3-1 Assam
11-Mar-2012: Chandigarh 7-1 Madhya Pradesh
11-Mar-2012: Assam 6-1 Tamil Nadu
13-Mar-2012: Chandigarh 4-2 Jharkhand
13-Mar-2012: Madhya Pradesh 2-2 Assam
15-Mar-2012: Chandigarh 8-0 Tamil Nadu
15-Mar-2012: Madhya Pradesh 2-1 Jharkhand
17-Mar-2012: Assam 1-0 Chandigarh
17-Mar-2012: Jharkhand 6-2 Tamil Nadu

19-Mar-2012: Orissa 0-5 Assam
20-Mar-2012: Chandigarh 3-1 Uttar Pradesh

23-Mar-2012: Assam 2-0 Chandigarh

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