One Week - Four Matches - Seven Goals & more

In football it is about goals and victories. Often matches are close and even if teams dominate they don't score more then four, maybe five goals. Over the past week I have had teams that I follow score or concede sevens goals in four different matches, which rarely happens in football and this accumulation of such results is something which I cannot remember having ever experienced.

It started last Wednesday with two matches, then was followed by one more such game on Saturday and yesterday, Tuesday. Here an overview:

Match 1: FC Remscheid 0-7 RW Oberhausen
My home town team FC Remscheid, currently seventh division, faced third division side RW Oberhausen in a regional cup (Niederrheinpokal) match last Wednesday evening and suffered a 0-7 defeat.

Match 2: FC Barcelona 7-1 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
It was the five goal Lionel Messi gala for Barca against Bayer Leverkusen which followed that Wednesday evening resulting in a 7-1 victory in the UEFA Champions League.

Match 3: FC Bayern München 7-1 1899 Hoffenheim
An out of form FC Bayern Munich were happy to welcome a disjoined Hoffenheim to get rid of all their frustrations in this 7-1 trashing last Saturday in the German Bundesliga.

Match 4: FC Bayern München 7-0 FC Basel
Yesterday evening Bayern Munich went into the game against FC Basel with a 0-1 deficit and after their resurrection against Hoffenheim on Saturday, they simply continued where they left off with Mario Gomez scoring four goals against a Basel who did not have chance at all.

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