No Go: Savio Medeira criticises own players

India coach Savio Medeira will be a frustrated man after Team India played a dismal 2012 AFC Challenge Cup in Kathmandu, Nepal conceding eight goals, scoring none of their own with no points to its name.

But Savio Medeira, a former Indian international himself, did say things post-match yesterday after the North Korea game which I feel a coach should never ever do. He publically criticised his own team, he actually blasted them for non-performance.

Savio said, "Everyone saw it, the team lacked spirit and there was no one willing to show responsibility and as a coach it isn't very heartening to see those things in the field."

"This is a young team but these players need to learn from their senior predecessors on how to play serious football. In the last SAFF Championship the team was doing well but in this competition, I don't know why, the feeling of responsibility was not there," Savio added.

Savio even went on to say that players were more interested in securing their contracts for next season and that the current side lacks leaders criticising now senior players captain Sunil Chhetri, Syed Rahim Nabi and Gouramangi Singh to name a few.

Even if Savio has a point here, then these are things which one discusses internally with the players and the All India Football Federation, but does not give it as fodder to the media who love to use such comments.

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