How To Get a Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 8 Consumer

• Simple tutorial on how to enable Windows 7 start menu orb in Windows 8 Consumer

• Since Microsoft already disabled “RPEnabled” method in REGEDIT in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you’ll need to use third party apps to enable old Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 8.
1. Download ViStart (third party Start Orb program ~580 KB size).
2. Make spacing for the start orb, if not ViStart will overlapped with the icons in superbar
3. Right click taskbar, uncheck lock the taskbar , then new toolbar > create a new folder > set name to “Orb” as example
4. Drag the “Orb” toolbar to the left corner of superbar, and then right click > set uncheck to “Show Title”
5. Now, check “Lock the taskbar” and run ViStart.

• This step takes less than 1 minutes and just watch the
video if you are confused with the tutorials.

• Download Link :
- Windows 8 Old Start Menu (ViStart) vistart.exe
• Download And Enjoy

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