Alonso feels pressure on Ferrari

Fernando Alonso believes Ferrari is under a different pressure from the media after a lack of scrutiny over Red Bull's problems in Barcelona.
Sebastian Vettel only completed 23 laps on the final day of testing on Sunday, while Alonso covered 115 as Ferrari struggled to come to terms with the characteristics of the F2012. Alonso pointed out that the pressure is so intense at Ferrari that the Italian press had barely mentioned the failings of its rival, and that meant it had to work even harder to recover from its own problems.

"We've all lived through many Formula 1 seasons and we all know very well that until we're in Australia we don't really know where we stand regarding to the others," Alonso said at Ferrari's Maranello headquarters. "There's lots of talk and many ideas, but nobody knows the truth. For example [Sunday] Red Bull, considered by many to be the front-runner, had only a few laps and the last time on the sheet: if something similar had happened to us, hell would have broken loose, but here nobody really noticed it.
"More than ever we have to give it our all to improve, from the one who's responsible for the rear-view mirror to the one who's responsible for the piston. We're united and we're giving it our all, because we all want the same."
Alonso added that he was focused on the bigger picture, and would sacrifice early wins if it helped the team challenge for the title come the end of the season.
"I just want to remind you of an episode two years ago: at the last test in Barcelona we were fifth behind Red Bull, McLaren, Sauber and Force India and two weeks later we gained a one-two win in Bahrain. What counts is not to be first in the first race, but in November, at the end of the Championship…."



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