2012 AFC Challenge Cup: A look back & the stats

The 2012 AFC Challenge Cup was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from March 8 to 19, 2012. Defending champions North Korea once more won the title by beating Turkmenistan again in the final like in 2010. The final victory qualifies North Korea for the next 2015 AFC Asian Cup in Australia.

The 12 day tournament saw eight teams in action with the matches not always going as per script, but in the end the overwhelming favourites North Korea won the AFC Challenge Cup title for a second time.

For Team India the 2012 edition of the AFC Challenge Cup was a complete disaster. Three matches - no goals, eight conceded, no points. The simple stats speak a clear language about a very poor outing.


Group A
Maldives, Nepal, Palestine, Turkmenistan

08-Mar-2012: Turkmenistan 3-1 Maldives
08-Mar-2012: Nepal 0-2 Palestine
10-Mar-2012: Palestine 0-0 Turkmenistan
10-Mar-2012: Maldives 1-0 Nepal
12-Mar-2012: Nepal 0-3 Turkmenistan
12-Mar-2012: Maldives 0-2 Palestine

Group B
India, North Korea, Philippines, Tajikistan

09-Mar-2012: North Korea 2-0 Philippines
09-Mar-2012: India 0-2 Tajikistan
11-Mar-2012: Tajikistan 0-2 North Korea
11-Mar-2012: Philippines 2-0 India
13-Mar-2012: North Korea 4-0 India
13-Mar-2012: Tajikistan 1-2 Philippines

16-Mar-2012: Turkmenistan 2-1 Philippines
16-Mar-2012: North Korea 2-0 Palestine

3rd Place Playoff
19-Mar-2012: Philippines 4-3 Palestine

19-Mar-2012: Turkmenistan 1-2 North Korea

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