Chelsea Star(s) to grace Pepsi T20 Football finals

The Chelsea FC trio Frank Lampard, Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba are all brand ambassadors of global cola brand Pepsi and in that function at least one of them will be in New Delhi for the national finals of the Pepsi T20 Football to coach and work with the winners of the nationals to take on a team made-up of Indian cricketer, who are also brand ambassadors.

There is no involvement from Chelsea FC in this exercise, the players have individual sponsorship deals with Pepsi; but the club surely will not mind the cross-promotion of the club through their players.

All this is set to happen in June 2012, but with Euro2012 taking place in Poland and the Ukraine from June 8 to July 1 the likelihood of Englishman Lampard and Spaniard Torres coming to India seems difficult due to their international commitments. Ivorian Drogba in my opinion looks to be the top candidate at the moment as per the football calendar, but maybe Pepsi India can work around it.

The feedback that I have gotten from people who have participated in the events in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai has been positive. It is a new concept to mix elements of cricket into football, which can create a hype around the sport.

The Pepsi T20 Football is another step in Pepsi India's 'Change the Game' campaign which has started to promote football at the grassroot level.

Here the link to my original article from last month: Pepsi India launch Amateur T20 Football Tournament !

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