Champions League: Spanish Armada sunk

Very few would have considered a FC Bayern Munich vs Chelsea FC final in the 2012 UEFA Champions League at Munich's Allianz Arena on May 19 becoming a reality then many thought FC Barcelona had already qualified after it became clear that they would face Chelsea FC in the semifinals while their Spanish archrivals Real Madrid having the tougher assignment against FC Bayern Munich but also expected to go through. But it came differently then planned and envisaged which is the beauty of football, unpredictability.

While Chelsea winning 3-2 on aggregate against the defending champions FC Barcelona, considered as one of the best club sides of all times, was a massive upset; Bayern Munich winning 3-1 on penalties against Real Madrid after 210 minutes of intense football with 2-1 wins for both sides at home was a very close one to call.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings once more showed the beauty of football that anything is possible even in the most adverse circumstances. In both matches the Spanish home teams had gone ahead 2-0 and would have reached the finals with that result at the end of 90 minutes, but their English and German opponents came back into the match and then even went on to move into the finals.

Now one can look forward to an hopefully interesting and exciting UEFA Champions League final on Saturday, May 19 in Munich which surely will be an advantage to Bayern Munich, who play at home.

This was what I thought before the return-legs on Tuesday and Wednesday with a hint at what could happen: Champions League: Spanish giants face elimination .

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