Rossi finished Trending Topic on Twitter

Thursday, February 16th and is a special day for Valentino Rossi. Understandably, the article of the Italian is being repeated 33 years, and it made the list of global trending topic on microblogging site Twitter.

Why Rossi could be trending topic? It was separated from her fame as an ace athlete. Achievements and expertise in the racing world famous MotoGP has made ​​more than 574 thousand followers on his Twitter account.

Well, just when her birthday, all followernya wanted to be happy and congratulate him. As a result, Rossi received congratulations from thousands of fans who became a follower her on social networking sites.

Rossi was a congratulatory reply by singing in his account, "Thanks for all the congratulations that came from all over the world! Italy, Britain, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, the United States, Australia! Fantastic!. "

Rossi also provide singing for Ducati by saying, "Thank you for the prayers, this year we will carry the honor and name of the Ducati and Bolognya worldwide!."

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