U-20 I-League to kick-off next week

The Under-19 league for I-League teams is being turned into a Under-20 I-League from this season onwards. The Under-20 I-League will kick-off on April 16 with the preliminary phase to be played across three different venues – Kalyani, Mumbai and Goa. The top two teams from the three groups would qualify for the final phase which is slated to be held later in Kalyani, West Bengal.


Group A - Kalyani
East Bengal Club, Mohun Bagan AC, Prayag United SC, Shillong Lajong FC

17-Apr-2012: Mohun Bagan AC - Shillong Lajong FC
17-Apr-2012: East Bengal Club - Prayag United SC
19-Apr-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - East Bengal Club
19-Apr-2012: Prayag United SC - Mohun Bagan AC
21-Apr-2012: Prayag United SC- Shillong Lajong FC
21-Apr-2012: Mohun Bagan AC - East Bengal Club

Group B - Mumbai
Air India; Chirag United Kerala; HAL, Bangalore; Mumbai FC; Pune FC

18-Apr-2012: Air India - Chirag United Kerala
18-Apr-2012: Mumbai FC - HAL, Bangalore
20-Apr-2012: Pune FC - HAL, Bangalore
20-Apr-2012: Mumbai FC - Chirag United Kerala
23-Apr-2012: HAL, Bangalore - Chirag United Kerala
23-Apr-2012: Pune FC - Air India
25-Apr-2012: Air India - Mumbai FC
25-Apr-2012: Chirag United Kerala - Pune FC
27-Apr-2012: HAL, Bangalore - Air India
27-Apr-2012: Pune FC - Mumbai FC

Group C - Goa
Churchill Brothers SC, Dempo SC, Salgaocar SC, Sporting Clube de Goa

16-Apr-2012: Dempo SC - Churchill Brothers SC
17-Apr-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - Salgaocar SC
21-Apr-2012: Dempo SC - Salgaocar SC
22-Apr-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - Churchill Brothers SC
25-Apr-2012: Dempo SC - Sporting Clube de Goa
26-Apr-2012: Salgaocar SC - Churchill Brothers SC

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