Opinion on Indian Football: Dhruv Ratra (Anglian Holdings)

At the Soccerex European Forum last week in Manchester Indian football was well represented with over 20 people there from federations, the government, institutions, agencies and clubs. I spoke to some of these people to get their views on Indian football and will run a series across the week with these very interesting different view points.

I finish the series with the views of Dhruv Ratra (Anglian Holdings, CEO Sports).

Where do we stand with Indian football today?

Indian football is at a point of inflection! Here my mathematical background coming out... And I think that it (Indian football) has tremendous potential over the next 10-20-30 years.

If the stars are aligned, there is proper planning thats put in place. The talent is there, the passion is there, the interest is there, money is there. Now we just need to get the important things like the coaching and putting in place a long-term vision for kids to be able to go out and do something which right now stops at the age of 12/13 because there is no future potential (career road map).

I am optimistic and which is why we (Anglian Holdings) have invested in India!

Earlier I had done an Interview with Dhruv Ratra (Anglian Holdings) on the Shillong Lajong FC & FC Vestsjælland (Denmark) investment

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