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Mario Gomez
Mario Gómez García (born July 10, 1985, age 26 years) is a German football player who has Spanish ancestry. He has defended the club Bayern Munich. Plays as a striker. Spanish nationality his father while his mother a German. In the German national team, he played 50 times and scored 21 goals.

After the ends of Miroslav Klose who move to Lazio, the name of Mario Gomez emerged as a major option before FC Hollywood dilini imported from Stuttgart. With Bayern Munich, a figure of striker Gomez is so effective and feared by the defenders.

This year, the European Champions League, a player is bleeding Brazil finished second top scorer in the event, under Lionel Messi with a pack of 12 goals. The player whose full name is Mario Gomez García, born in Riedlingen, dated October 7, 1985. For those of you who want to know the profile and career journey of this tall striker. Here we present Profile and Biography of Mario Gomez.

Profiles and Biography Complete Mario Gomez

Full Name: Mario Gomez García
Place of Birth: Riedlingen
Date of Birth: 07-10-1985
Nationality: German
Position: Striker
Playing at the Club: Bayern Munich

Profile and Career

Mario Gomez Garcia was born on July 10, 1985 in Riedlingen.

Senior career

2003-2005 VfB Stuttgart II | featured (43) | goals (21)
2003-2009VfB Stuttgart | featured (121) | goals (63)
2009 - Bayern Munich | featured (61) | goals (38)

Mario Gomez Dribble

Mario Gomez Munchen


2005-2006 Germany U21 | featured (9) | goals (1)
2005 - Germany B | featured (2) | goals (1)
2007 - Germany | featured (46) | goals (19)

Personal Life

Gomez grew up in Unlingen, a village in Upper Swabia, Baden-Wurttemberg in southwestern Germany, about 95 km south west of Stuttgart and 175 km from Munich. He was born in the town near Riedlingen.

Gomez is a German-Spanish descent (his father is a Spaniard from Granada and his mother is German). He has both German and Spanish citizenship and opted for the German national team to play. His first appearance for the team in February 2007 against Switzerland, and he was called for on a regular basis.

Gómez think gay players should come and think, "they will play as if they had been released". He also wants a "radical rethinking" of homosexuality in football.

Thus a glimpse of the Profile and Biography of Mario Gomez, who is Bayern Munich striker.

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