I-League Division 2: Heading for a close Finale

The Final Round of the I-League Division 2 has two rounds to play until the final match on April 17 between United Sikkim FC and Mohammedan Sporting Club in Gangtok with these two clubs besides ONGC fighting for the two promotion spots. Whoever put the schedule together couldn't have done a better top with a real final likely next Tuesday.

Currently last seasons relegated ONGC from Mumbai sit on top of the Division 2 table with 20 points closely followed by Mohammedan Sporting Club on 19 points and United Sikkim FC on 18 points. The four other teams are out of the running for a promotion spot.

Especially for Royal Wahingdoh FC on 16 points it is annoying then the Shillong club had made a substitution blunder in their first-leg match against ONGC bringing on four foreigners which turned a 4-1 win into a 0-3 loss, which has helped ONGC to go to the top of the league table. Otherwise the promotion race could have been a four team affair.

The other participating teams in the final round of the I-League Division 2 are Vasco SC (13 pts), Kalighat Milan Sangha (10 pts) and Aizawl FC (4 pts).


13-Apr-2012: Kalighat Milan Sangha - Royal Wahingdoh FC
13-Apr-2012: Aizawl FC - United Sikkim FC
14-Apr-2012: Mohammedan Sporting Club - ONGC, Mumbai

16-Apr-2012: Aizawl FC - ONGC, Mumbai
16-Apr-2012: Kalighat Milan Sangha - Vasco SC
17-Apr-2012: United Sikkim FC - Mohammedan Sporting Club

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