Fifa 13 Be A Referee Coming ??

• According to close reliable sources, Fifa 13 are to bring a well wanted addition to the upcoming Fifa 13 game. Fifa 13: Be A Referee Game Mode.

Our source have stated that EA Sports DEV team in Vancouver are putting in ”last minute” touches to the game mode – Be A Referee on Fifa 13. To our understanding, the Be A Referee Game Mode will work similar to the popular Be A Goalkeeper mode on Fifa 12, where you can be a goalkeeper as well as well play as an outfield player but to our knowledge, in the Fifa 13 be a referee game mode, you can only be a referee and you will be able to dish out cards, award free kicks and penalties etc. We have limited facts on this exciting game mode which will excite Fifa lovers but when we have more in depth infromation on this subject, we will be the first to let you know!

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