PES 2012 FIFA 12 Commentary Patch v2 by Steven, Kimtore and Merdiso Released !!!! | Re-Uploaded New Link Added

• Brand New Authenticity: Probably the best commentating team ever met in a football video game, formed by Clive Tyldesley, and joined every match by the expert analyzer, Andy

• Key Features: Townsend, is now ready to take the match atmosphere to a new, higher, and more realistic level, in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

• Revamped Experience: Discover the new key elements

of your favorite game commentary. The improved scripts responsiveness is going to deliver a more complete experience, new inclusions, such as specific “World Cup”

speeches and improved tactics samples, being also added, to make sure the gamers will notice a big change from the

first match they take part in. Hearing both commentators getting excited in a very natural way when scoring a cracker, will

make gamers feel the moment like never before in the entire

PES history.

• Advanced Compatibility: Every fan who owns a PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is able to enjoy the superior quality of the patch, even without having the UK version

which includes the original English commentary by default.

• In addition, the patch is officially Online Compatible, allowing fans to fight for the UEFA Champions League trophy in a much more polished atmosphere.



• How To Install

C:\Program Files\KONAMI\ProEvolution Soccer 2012\img

• Download Links :

* version 1 – Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend

- Zippyshare

* version 2 – Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend + Jim Beglin ( John Champion voice removed only )

* Tinypaste Password : PatchingWay

- Tinypaste

• Download And Enjoy

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