West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster Says No Return for England.

The West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster has confirmed he will not be ending his international exile despite the pleas of new england manager roy hodgson and he has impressed outgoing baggies boss hodgson on loan at west brom from birmingham this season to the 29-year-old has decided against reversing the decision he made to end his England career 12 months ago.

They are asking if he was coming out of international retirement, foster said that i am still exactly the same to have had a very good chat with the boss this week and he has told me of his plans and stuff to have i will said all along my best form has been i have retired from england and I feel my body gets a good rest and I feel it needs that rest as well.

And not only that the fact I've got a young family now and the family is very big with me to got a three and a four-year-old and they do take up a lot of my time i will make no secret, I miss them when I'm away with england and the i will me in prefer to spend that time with the family than being away from them to foster added, to the roy tried hard to persuade me to change my mind to get on with him so well and he is a fantastic manager.

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