Wayne Rooney vs Robin Van Persie 2011 - 2012

Wayne Rooney vs Robin Van Persie wallpaper in the season 2011 - 2012

The rivalry between Wayne Rooney (in the Manchester United team) vs Robin Van Persie (in the Arsenal team) "in the Premier League" occur more exciting in the season 2011-2012. It happened because both are the same as is the top score for each team "Wayne Rooney scored a total of 17 goals dan Robin Van Persie scored a total of 23"

Wayne Rooney vs Lionel Messi 2011 - 2012 wallpaper info :
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Wayne Rooney Manchester United wallpaper 2012

Wayne Rooney England "Wallpaper" 2012

Wayne Rooney Manchester United 2011-2012

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