Brazil legend Pele Says Barcelona Style is the Blueprint For The Future

The Former Brazil international Pele has stated that he hopes Barcelona style of play will be emulated by future teams as he believes skill will eventually win out over strength tot the legendary attacker has compared the Catalans to clubs that dominated in the past such as Benfica, Ajax, AC Milan, Real Madrid, and feels that the key to success is to have a group of footballers playing together for a long time.

A Barcelona’s style is the football people want to see and I really hope it’s the blueprint for the future in really hope skill wins out over strength, Pele was quoted as saying on the Fifa website for the look at Germany in to play a much more technical game today, and that’s the football we want to see and we want to see the ball moving, not the players, and you only get that with teams that are really well-organised.

And i have been watching this Barca side a lot lately and they’re like Santos were in my heyday, or the great Benfica, Ajax, AC Milan and Real Madrid sides to they all set the standard in their day and, like I said in the key to their success was the fact that they had settled line-ups over a long period of time and barcelona have won three Champions League titles in the past 6 years and have also lifted the Club World Cup trophy twice in that period.

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