Fifa 12 RC 12 AI New Amazing Gameplay Patch Mod Updated

• Gameplay maker,regularcat returns with his new gameplay patch for FIFA 12! A new and amazing gameplay mod that will completely change the Our gameplay gameplay of FIFA 12!

• The new gameplay patch contains:

- True To Teams Build Ups – No Team Will Play The Same
- True To Players Abilities – No Player Will Play The Same
- Realistic Decision Making On
- Both Sides Of The Ball
- Realistic Defending & Realistic Clearances
- Realisitic Goalkeepers
- Realistic Personality+ & Pro Passing
- Increased Skill Moves
- Increased Long Shots
- Increased Free Kick Accuracy
- Increased Fouls & Cards Issued
- Realistic Ball Physics – Harder Shots, Stronger Passes, More
- Bounces, Missed Traps & Realistic Deflections
- Feel The Pressure & Struggle In Career Mode As The Away Team
- Database Update & Much Much More….. You Have To Play To Find Out…..

• The patch comes in 2 versions!
The AI Gameplay version & the
AI Gameplay + Database Update version!

• Inside the read me file you will find many more settings and instructions to make the new gameplay patch work at its full potential!

• If you are in the middle of a career and want to continue it install the AI Gameplay version only, the other version with the database will crash if you are in the middle of a career! The patch is online compatible only and only if the other person you play against has the exact same patch as you do!

• Read the “Read Me” file to install the patch correctly!

• Download Link :
- Mediafire
• Download And Enjoy

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